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EDC reaffirms its support for KEO Racing for the 2016 season


EDC is the largest and oldest real estate agency based at Denmark with more than 220 independent companies and with a total of 1,250 employees. It’s the only major broker chain that is not owned by a bank or mortgage lender.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the real estate company becomes one of our sponsors for the 2016 season in the Formula Renault Northern European Cup.

“For KEO racing is important to have the trust for any sponsor therefore we have gathered a talented team for a successful season”

The season will start in Aoril 23th at Monza, Italy and the team has everything set for the first race.


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More about the sponsor:

EDC was created by a small group of Copenhagen and Zealand property, brokers in 1971 and achieved the same year. The desire was to create a common supply of properties through computer, a then virtually unknown in the real estate industry. Instigators formed an organization "by estate agents Data Center" or just EDC.

EDC served as the association until 1987, and was subsequently converted into a public limited company with a view to a more binding and more business spirit of cooperation.

In 1989 at amendment it possible for banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies owning brokerage firms. The insurance company Baltica was the first of the new players, but sold after some years of losses its stores to EDC. EDC chain chose to continue as independent shopkeepers, and instead an equal partnership agreement with BRFkredit that made EDC to authorized intermediaries BRFkredit. This cooperation has since stopped again.

In 2005 merged with EDC vacation house rental chain Feriepartner Denmark, which today is the second largest provider of vacation houses in Denmark.

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